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News and Appeals

We try very hard at the Forest of Dean Dog Rescue to not put up special appeals to cover the costs of our dogs, as we know that all of our wonderful supporters do their very best to give what they can, when they can. 

Occasionally, though we get a case that will require a little more money than we can budget for at the time and, of course, you all step up and save the day.  For this we are eternally grateful.  

We will also share any relevant news we have. 

From our Facebook post 25th April 2022

We transported these two dogs to the vets on behalf of Forest of Dean District Council.

Their ears were deliberately cut off.

In all of our time in rescue, we have never seen such savage, cruel mutilation. The attending vet was mortified and shaken by the horrific injuries deliberately inflicted on both dogs.

The senseless cropping of ears is illegal in this country.

Somebody, somewhere, knows who did this - if that person is you then we urge you to contact Forest of Dean District Council on 01594 810000 with information. Failing to share information makes you no better than the perpetrators.

These two lovely girls are "lucky", they have been taken in and will be well cared for - there are others who wont be so lucky.


Update June 2022
Both girls were signed over to Forest of Dean Dog Rescue. They have received the best medical care and lots of good food and love while they recovered. They are now ready to find their forever homes. 
These two girls are the sweetest dogs you could imagine and this case has sickened everyone involved with it. 

Nellie's Journey

Nellie arrived at FODDR as a 15 week old Cockerpoo puppy with a grade 6 heart murmur on the 9th August 2019 as an owner surrender. We immediately took her to our own vet who promptly referred her to Langford.

On 14th August, Nellie was scanned during her initial consultation with the specialists at Langford. The scan revealed Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is operable, with a high success rate if caught in time. If left uncorrected PDA can lead to congested heart failure and sadly, death.
Nellie was born with this condition in which the 2 main cardiac vessels, the aorta & pulmonary artery, did not close at birth. She was already in the early stages of heart failure, her mitral valve was struggling under the pressure, her heart was enlarged and she had fluid in her lungs. Fortunately, she was seen and diagnosed early enough to give her a good chance of full recovery but time was of the essence. Her operation was booked for Weds 21st August. This surgery gave Nellie the chance to lead a full and normal life.

We put up an appeal to help raise the funds for this emergency operation on August 15th and our wonderful supporters rallied and smashed it within 16 hours!

Nellie had her operation on 21st August. Her condition had deteriorated quite rapidly and she could not have gone on much longer without intervention. Thankfully, the operation was a complete success.
Thank you everyone who shared and donated - you all played your part in saving this precious pup.

Sadly, Nellie was not yet out of the woods and she was diagnosed with another hereditary condition - Angular Limb Deformity - which also required surgery to fix. This surgery was also completed and at 6 months old Nellie was finally well healed and found her forever home where she is much loved. 

To everyone who shared our appeal and donated - You are simply amazing and we, and Nellie, will be forever grateful.

Thank you to everyone that voted for us!


All our dogs are special to us but occasionally, circumstances around a dog coming to us bring everyone together to follow their story. 
Hope is one of those dogs.

Hope was found in 2018 and is now having a wonderful life with her new family. 

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