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Our fosterers are the backbone of the rescue. They get to know the dogs temperaments and needs and are therefore in the best position to help us assess the perfect home for their foster dog. 

We find that our dogs benefit enormously from being in a foster home and for some of our dogs it is the first time they have ever lived in a home.  

The rescue will do its utmost to make sure that you are given foster dogs that suit your home set up and match the level of experience you have.


When you become a fosterer, you will have your foster dog until it goes to its forever home.  This process will include assessing the dog, getting all medical work done that is required prior to homing (neutering/dental/check ups), helping with basic training if required and then doing meet and greets with the potential new family. The rescue will provide round the clock support, cover all medical expenses, food and accessories.  



  • Everyone in the home must be in agreement that they want to foster dogs.


  • We will do a home visit to ensure you can provide a safe environment for our dogs.

  • Your garden must be secure and you will need to be at home at least part of the day.


  • You must have facilities to keep foster dogs separate from your own dog(s) if and when necessary.


  • You must live within a 30 mile radius of Bream in the Forest of Dean.

We are looking for someone who

• Is passionate about the welfare of dogs.
• Has experience in dog ownership.
• Is patient and understanding and will give each dog the guidance it requires.
• Will be committed to fostering for as long as it takes each dog to be homed.
• Is at home for most of the day.
• Has a secure garden.
• No children under 11 years of age.

You must be able to drive and get to our vets either at Coleford or Monmouth when needed.


If you would like to consider becoming a fosterer then you will need to fill in a fostering application form

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