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Our Adoption Procedures

We are a dedicated team of volunteers who care deeply about our dogs. 
All of our dogs have spent a period of time with us where they have been assessed in terms of both health, temperament and personality. This means we are able to give prospective owners an honest and invaluable insight into the characteristics of each individual dog.
During this time, they will also have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and had any other medical work they need.

Dexter has now been rehomed

A lot of the dogs we rescue are ex breeding adults from puppy farms. They have never seen the outside world and will have had minimum human contact. They are unaccustomed to receiving care or attention. When we take them in they are usually terrified of everything and everybody and it takes careful nurturing to prepare them for their forever homes. We always seek a calm and quiet environment, usually shared with another friendly and confident dog and almost always no small children. Part of our work in rehabilitating these dogs is house-training, however we cannot guarantee 100% success and would expect their new families to be prepared to work gently with them while they learn their new routine.



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We do our utmost to ensure dogs are well-matched to their new homes and will not place any dog in a home we feel is not appropriate for them as individuals.

Prospective owners should be committed to working with their new family member to overcome any hurdles or issues which may arise. Dogs that enter rescue have often developed problems which we try and address prior to rehoming, however you need to understand that there may be some initial teething problems and ongoing training, which we will support you with. Expect a settling-in period. We highly recommend that there is someone in the house most of the day for the first couple of weeks.

We carry out home checks for all potential new homes and require every member of the household, including your dog(s) to come and meet the dog prior to adoption.

Please be aware, we are unlikely to place one of our dogs in a home with young children under the age of 5.

What we look for in a potential new home for our dogs.

  • That someone is home part of the day and dogs are not left alone for long periods.

  • All potential new homes must have a secure garden.

  • Patience and understanding is shown to our dogs while they adjust and settle in their new home.

Please think carefully before applying and make sure that -

  • It is the right time for you to get a dog. 

  • You have the time and patience to help them settle in. 

  • You have considered the costs involved in owning a dog.

  • You have considered if the breed suits your lifestyle.

  • You have read the write up fully and fit the criteria to adopt that particular dog.

Although we read every application that comes in to us, we will only contact those that fit the needs of that particular dog.

The rescue is based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. We rehome dogs all over the UK, however, we cannot rehome outside of England, Wales or Scotland. You would be expected to travel to us to meet the dog.


An adoption donation is applicable for all Forest of Dean Dog Rescue dogs.
Our rehoming donation, currently a minimum of £275, is to contribute to the costs of fostering and medical care the dog has received.

Please note –
We are no longer running a waiting list system and will only take applications for dogs who are listed on our Facebook page and on this website.

Here is our Adoption Application.

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