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Fundraising Volunteers

We have a fabulous dedicated fundraising team who spend a massive amount of time coming up with fun and crazy new ways to entertain you and raise funds for the rescue.

There are many ways you can get involved. You can join the fundraising team and help out with ideas, volunteer your time to organising or working the events, or come up with your own ways to raise funds.   

Maybe you could craft things to sell, or you could make cakes for events. 
Do you have a flair for making posters?
How about helping to advertise events?

Perhaps you feel like you would be good at approaching local businesses for sponsorship or donations. 


Or maybe you would like nothing more than to direct parking for an event...  so many options if you have a little time to spare for us! 

You can always organise your own event to raise funds for us.  If you speak to the fundraising team, they may be able to help out with leaflets and promoting your event. 


We always need new ideas and willing bodies to help out. 

Do you have some spare hours and would like to join a fun  filled team? Why not see what you can do.

Help make a difference and contact us about volunteering today!

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